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My Massive Mastiff Puppy

So I adopted a Neapolitan Mastiff 3 months ago and she was a whopping 17 lbs. For those of you not in the know that is way underweight. She is now a healthy 5 month old 47 lbs puppy that loves life and watching football ( I must be the luckiest dog owner in the world!).  It has been a challenge… she is large and in charge.  I lost my female mutt on March 29 at the ripe old age of 13 3/4.  She was was the most adorable and unique dog I have ever met/seen.  Her personality was feisty, loving, tenacious, dominating, and nurturing. I will miss her for more years than I care to think about.  Midge was a friend and I miss her.  As a gift, not 3 weeks after I lost her did I find Bodie. Much by chance but so perfectly timed. She does things that remind me of Midge and she makes me laugh.

My pups remind me of how simple it is to just take things as they come.  In a time when people have seemed to lost the understanding of civility and respect, I watch my dogs and it is simple… chase a fly, get a taste of some tasty food, roll in the grass, take a nap on the couch, bark to bark, chase your tail, chase your buddy, kiss someone you love, eat with vigor, and finally…. just be happy to be!

I was trying to sleep

I was trying to sleep

Is it possible to have my food brought to the couch?

Is it possible to have my food brought to the couch?


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I have been missing in action…

I have been away for awhile but always thinking of returning to this little experiment I have going. So here I is!

Politically the landscape is jagged and dry. Republicans and Democrats are doing the same old dance to no reasonable conclusion which leaves the millions of Americans facing disease, homelessness, unemployment, and whatever else I haven’t named in the lurch.

Money is scarce jobs are scarce and people are scared.

On a lighter topic… the football season is creeping up and I couldn’t be happier. My Packers are looking strong with a few key picks the defense and offense will be equally strong and hopefully Rodgers can put the D and O together and become a strong captain.

As for my po-mo fascinations… I was reading Agamben’s “Banned Being,” for the 12th or 13th time and I continue to mull over in my head how and why we classify subjects as we do. My theory so far is that humans need the maximum and the minimum in order to feel placed/tied to a form. Together we work to maintain order and classifications. It is something we do involuntarily like a twitch of a muscle. It is also true that while we create the construct we also rebel against what we have created. The banned being is the human that out identifies any classification we have involuntarily created. Banned being becomes a classification that has no predetermined identifying markers, no attributes that one can easily or exhaustively point out.

That’s where I am so far….

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A Word on Prop. 8

It would seem that in a time when the world is moving forward, we are forced to see just how backwards and rooted we can be. Since November 4, the day where we as Americans looked past race and attack propaganda and voted for Barack Obama; it must also be the day that we failed one another by changing constitutions in order to remove rights. Where the Constitution has once been the doctrine of rights given and protected, it is now under attack which means we are under attack. Marriage is a home of sorts, a place that we choose to be, something that we bind ourselves to, not for benefits or paperwork but for honest love of another person. That person is not defined in any doctrine, the marriage compact rather states, “in sickness and health, for richer or poorer, until death due you part,” or something like that. To say that a marriage can only be recognized if it is between a man and a woman is equivalent to saying that we refuse to recognize the love and existence of homosexual couples.

I know that there are people that have religious reasons for being against gay marriage and they have the right to believe that and practice that belief in their own homes; the line must be drawn to exclude this religious belief from a political arena/action. This vote should have never been on a ballot to start with. The religious argument is that gay marriage or the redefinition of marriage will threaten heterosexual marriages which is a religious argument not a public one.

From a slightly different perspective, I have had the honor of loving someone so much that I thought of marriage. If it weren’t for a devastating illness we might have married but it was not to be. Through his illness I met others who were likewise finding it difficult to decide to marry or to find someone they wanted to marry. There were the rare couples though, that despite the often negative news, were able to overcome and decide to marry. Being truthful, most knew that their years were few but they wanted to be husband and husband or wife and wife or husband and wife for the time they had remaining. Having to know that these beautiful loving couples were unable to introduce the one they loved as their husband or wife was heart wrenching. It seems like so easy a thing , so minor a detail that no one should care but it is everything when everything else is a fight. When just waking to see the sunrise is not promised, or knowing that you will never have a 20th, a 10th or even a 3rd anniversary with the person you love. A disease/virus redefines life, the length of life and the health of life, a religion should not impose the same on us.

Do not stop those who want to love another, regardless of their sex. Let them have the same marital rights, privileges, and legal recognition that I have. It is about love, not religion or pride or any other propagandist argument.

I’ve attached Keith Olbermann’s comments on Prop 8 as well. Please encourage others to see through to their humanity and fight this. Together we can change the world for the better.

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We have a new President!

Yes We Can, Yes We Will, and Yes We Did!!!

Today/Tonight is a great time to be a political animal and a United States citizen!!! This country has been groping around in the dark, searching for hope and possibility, and today the light started to cut through. I’m beginning to see a time when I am again a member of a democracy where voices are heard without constraints. President Elect Barack Obama may be somewhat idealistic but despite some saying that idealism is naive, idealism creates hope not blindness. I can’t believe that I am lucky enough to see a time when a black man is elected by both the popular and electoral votes. It is a monumental time and it will be something that I tell my kids about. A day when race wasn’t a factor, instead the issues came first. When a man was “not judged by the color of [his] skin, but by the content of [his] character.” MLK I have never shed tears over an election but I couldn’t stop myself from fully feeling the absolute joy that comes from somewhere inside.

We face many challenges as a nation but with Obama as our President I feel enthusiastic about taking it all on. It will be better because our Commander and Chief has a vision and the passion to continue to strive for a country that our fore fathers invisioned.

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Long time, No type.

I am once again drawn back to this odd and ambiguous mode of communication because I am in the midst of a road block and since nothing else was working and my alcohol intake has increased in leaps and bounds I thought, “What the hell!” I do realize that people don’t read my blog therefore relegating my actions to nothing more than writing in a diary. I am currently out of options so here we go.

To catch up… I was reading through my posts and realized how much time has past and how much I needed to update.

Brett Farve is in fact not retired and is instead a bright shiny member of the New York Jets. I think Brett was screwed by the Packers management, therefore I am a Jets fan all the way this season. To be honest I am still a Packers fan and will cheer for them when they do well but Aaron Rodgers is looking a little weak in the preseason games that I have watched.

The primary season has gone and Democrats have selected their candidate, Barrack Obama!!! His acceptance speech was awesome in the true sense of the word. Regardless of political affiliation, last night was monumental in the forward progress of this country; the two democratic candidates being minorities. I was proud to watch and I did get goosebumps and I think it is going to be almost impossible for McCain to win in November.

I have graduated from Western sense my last post!!! I am done with that portion of my education and preparing for the second act… law school or grad school. It was amazing to have made it on my own to that threshold and to walk through with my family and friends their was important. I was reminded of how close one becomes to the people they spend years learning from and interacting with. It is from one professor in particular that I found a role-model. A woman who encouraged play in the classroom and with ideas. Structure was something that appeared to be unmovable; I learned through her that once fully understood, structure was the thing that could be twisted and bent, benefiting the student and the institution. I take that with me everywhere, learn the rules, love the rules, change the rules!!!

What else? I think that’s it for now… I’ll write soon… no promises

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Say it so Number 4

All Packer fans around the globe cried a collective tear over the news of Brett’s retirement. March 4, Brett Farve has decided to retire. We will miss the enthusiasm with which he played the game and will be eternally grateful for 17 years of absolute admiration. I will mourn Brett but I will stand behind the Packers and Aaron Rodgers. I hold out hope that Brett will decide to come back but I’m pretty sure that he is confident and comfortable in his decision to leave the playing field for good. He hasn’t yet addressed the media but I assume that more tears will be shed. I will post soon with pictures, and videos of the Greatest Football Player of all Time. Brett you are respected and loved by all those that love the game, enjoy your achievements and accolades, you deserve them.

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You Need To Listen To This!

An introduction can’t be made to this video because Dr. Randy Pausch says everything that needs to be said.

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Bloggers Everywhere

This blog is going to be somewhat different than the previous posts because it is of a decidedly academic tone, so bare with me. 

This blog was born out of the rhetorical situation of a class syllabus that stated that we, as students, must create our own blog and then posts whatever content we want. It was part of the assignment to become familiar with the discourse of blogging and the genres that happen in the digital context.

Through my readings from class and other blogs, it became clear to me that an urgency/immediacy of information, whether it is a reply, an email, a post, or a comment, was prevalent in most circumstances. What I have decided to attempt to investigate for my project as well as my seminar paper is how the rhetorical situation of digital writing/communicating creates and recreates the genre of immediacy in digital contact. 

To effectively address this, it is necessary to understand why people feel compelled to write back, feel irritated if the person being contacted doesn’t respond quickly enough, and why and how this effects the corporeal interactions of everyday life? I am also curious why immediacy/urgency/frequency create a sense of authority and power in the digital place. This is where I need other bloggers to respond with narratives of their experiences with the need for immediacy. If all this is a little confusing, continue on to the following lines where I will go into further detail, if not, posts your comments, they will be highly valued.

The basis of this investigation comes from the articles that I have been reading in my writing studies class. The overall inquiry is really “why do people blog, and what does blogging due for them, and how does it generate real life experiences.” Having said that, I still have little understanding about why people blog, only that I have become compelled by my need to blog, therefore I have experienced personally this urgency to translate my experiences into digital text via this blog. Granted I have not blogged as frequently which has resulted in my blog not having the appearance of authority and authenticity despite my belief that I am being authentic. 

I have primarily focused on specific articles which I think best describe the desire of the instant and the need for immediacy in terms of the digital realm. I will list them and then give an abstract of the information that I have gleaned from the articles that best fits my inquiry. They are in no particular order.

Jonathan Glater. “To: Subject: Why It’s All About Me.”

The Glater piece discusses the interaction between Discourses that tend to conflict like the informal act of writing digital text and the formal writing of academic settings.

Gallaghan and Dobyns. “Reading and Writing Strategically.”

This article provided more of the basics about what good writing, specifically academic formal essays, but it refers to the rhetorical triangle as the way to make a convincing and entertaining essay. I extrapolated the meaning to better fit my inquiry. I look at the whole of digital communication as an essay of sorts in action, currently being created. The writer is the person with the first act of communication/contact, the reader is the person that reads but also is then compelled to respond/react to the subject which is the information and knowledge that is being created. 

Johndan Johnson-Eilola. “The Database and the Essay. Understanding Composition as Articulation.”

The Eilola piece goes very nicely with the Dobyns piece because it is about the pastiche knowledge that is made and conveyed digitally. They call it Articulation, which basically means taking pieces of knowledge/content and pasting them together to make some new meaning that better relates to the situations of the creators. It is important to recognize that writing as articulation involves many people sharing information in the form of hyperlinks, pictures, audio, videos, whatever.

James Paul Gee. “What is Literacy?”

Gee’s article goes in-depth into what discourse is and how it and we function within/without and with awareness of it. I used it primarily to format my thinking and understanding of the terminology so that I could firmly make my claims. 

Carolyn Miller and Dawn Shepherd. “Blogging as a Social Action: A Genre Analysis of the Weblog.” Into the Blogosphere.

Miller and Shepherd used research to define what genres are common within the discourse of blogging and how blogs became what they are today. Mostly I focused on the section about the frequency of blog postings, the chronological order of said posts, and how these two aspect interact to declare the authority and authenticity of the blogger. It would seem that the presentness of a blogger makes other bloggers more secure and trustworthy in their interaction with the blogger.

Robert Kuttner. “The Other Side of E-Mail.”

He is decidedly negative about how email functions in the interactions of people. I used him primarily to give and example of the negative thoughts that people have about email. Because email can only conveys words and not tone, facial features and the like, it is easy for things to be misconstrued from a sent email even among friends.

Cathy McDonald. “The Desire of the Instant: Genred Identities in Email and Essays.”

Because I am a student this article is very relevant to me. It discusses both the conflicts and benefits of communicating through new technologies for example email. Primarily the focus is how students need to acquire the ability to code-witch between the digital discourse that they are functioning in most of the time and then switching to the academic discourse when it is necessary. Her contention is that most conflict arises when people are unable or unaware of the need to move within and without conflicting discourses.

James Sosnoski. “Hyper-readers and their Reading Engines.”

It has to do with the common practice of students ability to read something in a partial why. With the constraints on time and an every growing workload students have acquired the ability to look over a document for the things that are necessary for a paper or that fit in the frame of the lecture ect. Time or the perceived lack of time in the corporeal realm has some connection to this need for immediacy in the digital realm.

So there it is. My articles that I’m using and what I got from them. My thesis slash conclusion is that immediacy or the urge for immediacy is fueled by a capitalists society that has equated time with money and therefore it translate to us that we need to get answers now, we need to be heard now, we have to connect now, because if we don’t we will lose any chance at success, power, position…. It is really weak and I don’t really believe it or like it so I’m going to have to work something else out. That is why I need anyone and everyone to comment.

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Graduation Looming. Time to Grow Up.

I tend to write sporadically mostly because I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the numerous things that are happening all at once.  It’s almost 11 pm and I have another 3 to 4 hours of work left for tonight.  In three short weeks I will be a college graduate.  It has been a very long road to get to this point and I had to fight very hard to get here, mostly against myself but also against those that said I wasn’t smart enough or good enough to make it to college, and yet I am graduating.  I’m starting to feel like I need a challenge to rise to in order to be good or successful, therefore my graduating comes with much trepidation.  I’m afraid that I won’t get a job that I enjoy and that I will fall back to my old ways of thinking and behaving.  I keep myself so bound by expectations from others and myself that I have lost a little/alot of who I am.  I really am entering into unfamiliar territory where it is all too possible for me to crash and burn and I will be on my own.  My friends in large numbers have moved on whether they have gotten married or had children and now I am left alone and somewhat overwhelmed.  The classroom was the place where I could prove to everyone everyday that I deserved to be there and now that is going to be gone and I will have to find it elsewhere.  Although, I hope I find the point when I no longer have to prove to anyone that I belong in an academic setting, a time when I allow myself to let the insecurities rest, and silence the poisonous whispers that have nagged me for far to long. 

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Huckabee Horror

Now that Romney is out, the Republican ticket is looking like McCain and Huckabee as VP. I’ll tell you why this scares the every living shit out of me. My roommate remembered hearing some story about Huckabee’s view on people with HIV. She went on to tell me that Huckabee proposed gathering up people with HIV and AIDS and putting them in fenced communities, which would be like me calling a prison a fenced community. He actually thinks he can treat people who are no different than myself like prisoners, as a matter of fact, worse than prisoners considering prisoners are convicts and those with HIV/AIDS are law abiding citizens. People are infected with HIV and AIDS in many ways, some with more or less resposibility for their condition but that is not to say that we should persecute based on a disease that causes enough challenges. The reason I’m so passionate about actively campaigning against Huckabee is his complete lack of compassion, understanding, empathy, and his disregard for a human life. Wait, wasn’t he a evangelical minister? Frightening!!! My attachment to this issue is unimportant because it doesn’t matter if I’m infected or not, or if I know/knew someone who was, if I loved someone and lost them, it doesn’t matter. Please research the issue and once you have the facts please speak out to friends and family, I plead for you to take action against Huckabee.

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